Comfort & Cleaning

Comfort and cleaning is very important for successful sleep therapy. To get the most out of your sleep therapy, it should be comfortable. There are many accessories such as tube covers and hose management clips that are simple, yet will greatly improve the comfort of your sleep therapy experience. Keeping your CPAP equipment clean helps prolong the life of your equipment and is also good for protecting your health. Get comfort and cleaning supplies for your CPAP gear at

There are many elements of sleep therapy that are potentially less than comfortable for the sleep therapy patient. Discomfort in therapy is the number one reason for non-compliance to therapy. Staying compliant to your therapy is necessary for your overall health, as sleep is an important part of everyone’s life. Many therapy discomforts can be easily mitigated with affordable accessories.

Condensation and rain out in your CPAP tubing are problems that can easily be solved with a tube cover that can also help your CPAP equipment look more pleasing. Simple hose management accessories can help you avoid tangled CPAP hoses and comfort pads can make your CPAP mask more comfortable to wear.

Cleaning your CPAP equipment is also extremely important. Dirty equipment can become hazardous to your health since your CPAP gear has direct contact to your skin and access to your respiratory system. Using household cleaners to clean your CPAP equipment may expose you to inhaling unhealthy cleanser residue or irritate your skin. Household cleaners may also damage your equipment, so always use cleaning supplies that are especially formulated for CPAP equipment.

Find everything you need for CPAP therapy comfort and cleaning at


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