Heated Tubing

Heated CPAP tubing helps to prevent condensation in the CPAP tube when you are using a humidifier with your CPAP or BiPAP machine.  Heated tubing is available in standard tubing size to fit with most CPAP and BiPAP machines.  Special sized heated tubing for S9 series CPAP machines is also available.  Find your heated CPAP tubing at PatientSleepSupplies.com.

Many sleep therapy patients elect to use a humidifier along with their CPAP or BiPAP machine for a more comfortable sleep therapy experience.  A humidifier warms and moistens the pressurized air before it is delivered to the patient, making the pressurized air much more comfortable to breath. 

A downside of using a humidifier is that as the warm moist pressurized air travels through the CPAP tubing to the mask, it cools and some of the moisture condenses into liquid in the tube.  When enough a sizeable volume of condensation forms within the tubing, the pressurized air can push the water into the mask and splash the user.  This is known as rain out and it can unpleasantly awaken the sleep patient.

One way to prevent rain out and condensation is to use a heated CPAP hose (CPAP tubing and CPAP hose are interchangeable terms).  The heated CPAP hose keeps the temperature within the hose warm enough that the moisture in the humidified air does not condense into liquid form.

Find heated CPAP tubing at PatientSleepSupplies.com.

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