Adapters & Connectors

CPAP tubing adaptors and connectors can improve your sleep therapy experience.  Adaptors can allow your tubing to move more freely or to be positioned at a better angle.  Oxygen adaptors can help incorporate oxygen therapy with your CPAP therapy so that you are receiving supplemental oxygen through your CPAP mask interface as you are sleeping.  Find adaptors and connectors for your CPAP equipment at

CPAP tubing can sometimes twist and kink when you move around at night.  Adding a swivel adaptor to your CPAP equipment will allow the tubing to rotate freely as you move and not become twisted. 

Angle adaptors allow you to change the angle of the hose for your comfort.  There are adaptors and connectors to take care of your personal needs to make your CPAP equipment work better for you. 

The ultimate goal of sleep therapy is for you to get better sleep.  To sleep well, you need to be comfortable. carries everything to make your CPAP equipment more comfortable for you.

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