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Snoring Relief

Snoring can be a problem for both you and your bed partner.  Snoring can disturb the sleep of your bed partner and sometimes you can even wake yourself up with your snoring.  Snoring is caused by breathing obstructions during sleep.   Solutions for some snoring problems may be as simple as changing the sleeping position to open up the airways or breathing strips that open up the nasal passages.  PatientSleepSupplies.com carries snoring relief products to help both you and your bed partner get a better night’s rest. Find products for snoring relief at PatientSleepSupplies.com.

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  • Chin Ups

    Chin-Up Strips enhance nasal breathing to help Breathe Right nasal strips reduce or eliminate snoring. Chin-Up Strips alone should not be used to treat sleep apnea.  Chin-Up Strips can be used with CPAP therapy to enhance nasal breathing.

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    • $16.95

  • SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aid

    SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aid is a non-adhesive alternative to sticky nasal breathing strips.  This product opens your nasal passages with flexible nasal flares to improve breathing and relieve snoring.

    • Reusable for up to 15 days per aid
    • Each box contains:
      • Three nasal aids
      • One storage case
      • Instructions
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    • $9.95

  • REM-A-TEE Bumper Belt

    REM-A-TEE Bumper Belt helps with positional therapy to treat sleep disorders.

    • Adjustable straps position the belt based on your preferred level of tension and keeps it in place
    • May be worn over clothes or directly in contact with your skin
    • Made of neoprene materials
    • Inflatable bumpers for easy storage and handling
    • Available in different sizes
      • Pediatric (20"-26" Chest)
      • Medium (26"-36" Chest)
      • Large (35"-40" Chest)
      • Extra Large (40"-47" Chest)
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    • $109.95

  • Rhinomed Mute Nasal Dilator for Snoring Reduction

    • Nasal respiratory technology device
    • Comfortable and effective
    • Gently opens airways to increase airflow through nose
    • Reduces snoring by allowing you to breathe more freely
    • Minimizes nighttime nasal congestion
    • Made from extremely soft medical grade polymers
    • Breathe more, snore less
    • Available in 4 sizes:
      • Trial Pack
      • Small
      • Medium
      • Large
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    • $14.99

  • SlumberBUMP™ - One Size Fits All
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    SlumberBUMP™ - One Size Fits All

    The SlumberBUMP™ is perfect for individuals who need a solution to stop snoring. Studies have shown that the over 80% of the people suffering from mild to moderate snoring can see results from a positional based device like the SlumberBUMP™.

    • Positional Sleep Therapy is Clinically proven
    • SlumberBUMP™ improves sleep related quality of life
    • SlumberBUMP™ is a Positional Sleep Therapy device with a unique design helps you sleep comfortably on your side
    • SlumberBUMP™ is a great option for those patients who cannot tolerate CPAP therapy
    • When you sleep on your side it keeps your airway open and clear
    • SlumberBUMP™ is easy to wear, comfortable, and it very effective at helping mild and moderate snoring and sleep related breathing disorders.
    • One size fits all strap
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    • $79.99

  • Nasal Aid

    Nasal Aid - nasal strip replacement.  Sold individually.

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    • $39.95

  • Optipillows EPAP Mask

    Using expiratory Positive Air Pressure to alleviate snoring & give you back a restful night's sleep. 

    • Only EPAP Device with Adjustable Pressure 
    • No Tubing, Machine, or Power Supply Needed
    • Nighttime Movement is Not Restricted
    • Reusable & Cost Effective
    • Lightweight & Comfortable
    • No Prescription Required
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    • $119.00