Snoring Relief

Snoring can be a problem for both you and your bed partner.  Snoring can disturb the sleep of your bed partner and sometimes you can even wake yourself up with your snoring.  Snoring is caused by breathing obstructions during sleep.   Solutions for some snoring problems may be as simple as changing the sleeping position to open up the airways or breathing strips that open up the nasal passages. carries snoring relief products to help both you and your bed partner get a better night’s rest.

Snoring is caused by blocked airflow while sleeping.  There are many potential points of airflow blockages such as the uvula, the soft palate, relaxed throat muscles, nasal congestion, or even the tongue.  

Positional therapy can help reduce snoring in many cases.  Positional therapy involves changing the sleeping position so that the airways become clear while sleeping.  Sleeping on the side is a common positional therapy solution and there are products such as belts that are attached to cushions that prevent the user from sleeping on their back.

Blocked nasal passages may be another cause for snoring.  Breathing strips applied to the nose can open up the nasal passages and help clear breathing. 

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