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Sleep Devices/Education

Sleep is an important part of everyone’s lives. It rejuvenates the mind and your body.  For such an important part of our lives, most people know surprising little about sleep.  If you are having difficulties with sleep, you know how painful that can be.  Learning more about sleep can help you sleep better.   There are also many devices and accessories that can aid your sleeping.   

There are many great books and DVD’s that can help you understand more about sleeping and why you may be having difficulties in getting sleep. The first step of getting better sleep is to become more aware and more educated.  Find out what you need to know from some of our very informative books or DVD’s. Find what you need for better sleep at PatientSleepSupplies.com.

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980 Dohm Sound Conditioner - Dual Speed
  • $48.95

DPD023 Dreampad Medium Support - Music Relaxation Pillow with Intrasound Technology
  • $159.00

DPD024 Dreampad Memory Support - Music Relaxation Pillow with Intrasound Technology
  • $179.00

BP001 100 Questions & Answers About Sleep and Sleep Disorders
  • 13% off
  • $38.95

BSPW Pur-Sleep Starter Kit - Aromatherapy
  • 29% off
  • $24.99

03205 Secure-Comfort No-Boil Dental Guard
  • $39.99

68490 Sleep Mask
  • 29% off
  • $4.95

03206 SleepRight Slim-Comfort Dental Guards
  • $39.99

DMP004 Snoring And Sleep Apnea: Sleep Well, Feel Better
  • 13% off
  • $34.95

ASM1007 LectroFan White Noise Machine and Electronic Fan
  • $54.95
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2407600 Marsona 1288A
  • 13% off
  • $129.95

2409610 Marsona DS-600A
  • 23% off
  • $99.95

Products: 112 of 26