Replacement Cushions/Pillows

To get the most from your mask interface, make sure to replace the CPAP mask cushion or nasal pillow regularly.  Over time and use, the silicone on the cushion or the nasal pillow can become soft and not be as efficient in forming a seal.  Dirty cushions can also expose you to infections.  Replacing the cushions can make the mask feel newer and provide you with better sleep therapy.  Get replacement cushions and nasal pillows for your CPAP mask at

For the best results from sleep therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), your mask needs to be functioning at its optimal capacity.

If you find that your mask is not forming a seal as well as it did when it was new, check the replaceable nasal cushion or nasal pillows.  Silicone in old and used cushions may soften or there may be damage to the silicone.   

How often you need to replace your mask cushion or nasal pillows depends on many factors such as amount of usage and how well you clean and maintain your equipment.  Inspect your mask cushions to see if they are damaged or dirty.   Medicare standard recommend nasal cushion or nasal pillow replacement once every month.  It is better to have a new cushion or pillow than to risk infections or ineffective therapy.

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