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If you are having difficulties with your sleep therapy because you sleep with your mouth open, a CPAP chinstrap can be an easy and affordable solution to your problem. An open mouth during sleep therapy may be a source of air pressure leakage and diminish the effectiveness of your therapy. An open mouth during therapy may also result in uncomfortable dry mouth. A CPAP chinstrap gently and comfortably holds the mouth shut while you sleep, giving you to have better results with your therapy. Find many different models of CPAP chinstraps at PatientSleepSupplies.com. 

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SKU Product Name   Price  
SP-CHADJ Adjustable Chinstrap
  • $14.95

SP-CHL CPAP Chinstrap
  • $14.95

AC302425 Deluxe Chinstrap
  • 21% off
  • $14.95

AC1012911 Deluxe II Chinstrap
  • 31% off
  • $15.95

AC302000 Deluxe III Chinstrap
  • 17% off
  • $18.95

AC133318 Adam Style Chinstrap
  • 20% off
  • $15.95

DISP-CS-10-BLACK High Quality Semi-Disposable Chinstrap
  • $32.95

AC302175 Regular Chinstrap
  • $12.95

SP-CHRC Royal Crown Chinstrap
  • 25% off
  • $14.95

SP-CHP Premium Chinstrap
  • 39% off
  • $14.95

16015 Sullivan Chinstrap
  • $14.95