If you are having difficulties with your sleep therapy because you sleep with your mouth open, a CPAP chinstrap can be an easy and affordable solution to your problem. An open mouth during sleep therapy may be a source of air pressure leakage and diminish the effectiveness of your therapy. An open mouth during therapy may also result in uncomfortable dry mouth. A CPAP chinstrap gently and comfortably holds the mouth shut while you sleep, giving you to have better results with your therapy. Find many different models of CPAP chinstraps at

Sleeping with an open mouth can present several problems for sleep therapy. Patients being treated for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have positive airway pressure (CPAP or BiPAP) applied to their airways to keep the airways from closing during sleep.

For positive airway pressure to be effective in the treatment of OSA, there must be no leakages from the airway system to dissipate the air pressure. If you are using a nasal mask interface or a nasal pillow mask interface and sleep with an open mouth, the open mouth can be a source of escaping pressure. This will cause the therapy to be inefficient or even ineffective.

An unpleasant side effect of sleeping with an open mouth during therapy may be that the escaping air pressure dries out the moisture in the mouth, giving the patient unpleasant dry mouth.

A CPAP chinstrap is simply a strap that fits over the head and under the chin, holding the jaw shut and keeping the mouth closed. Most chinstraps can be comfortably worn under the CPAP mask and headgear. Chinstraps can be a simpler and more affordable solution to sleeping with an open mouth than having to wear a full face CPAP mask.

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