Mask Accessories offers the CPAP mask accessories you need to get the most out of your sleep therapy. Replace damaged or worn mask cushions or nasal pillows to make your mask feel like new again. Replace broken headgear to keep your mask secure and comfortable. If you are not getting the most from your sleep therapy because of an open mouth while sleeping, a CPAP chinstrap may be the easiest solution. Find all these accessories here.

To get the best results from sleep therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), your mask needs to be functioning at its optimal abilities. The nasal cushions or the nasal pillows need to be in top working order to form and maintain a quality seal for the duration of your sleep. Damaged CPAP mask cushions or nasal pillows may not be forming seals and allowing leakages of positive airway pressure necessary for your treatment.

Masks also need the appropriate headgear to work at the best capacity. Damaged or inappropriate headgear may cause a poor fitment and may not be effective in holding the mask in place. This can make it difficult to maintain the seal for the duration of sleep. Always make sure that you have the right headgear in good condition for your mask.

A commonly overlooked source of leakage is from sleeping with an open mouth. Positive air pressure delivered through a nasal interface escapes through the open mouth, compromising the therapy.  An uncomfortable side effect of this is that the patient may also suffer from dry mouth, as the escaping air pressure can dry moisture from the mouth. The solution for this may be as simple as wearing a CPAP chinstrap to hold the jaw closed during sleep.

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  • CPAP Chinstrap
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    CPAP Chinstrap
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  • Breeze SleepGear Tubing Swivel
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    Breeze SleepGear Tubing Swivel
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  • Deluxe Chinstrap
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    Deluxe Chinstrap
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  • Nasal Pillows for Swift FX CPAP Mask
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    Nasal Pillows for Swift FX CPAP Mask
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