CPAP filters are an important component of your CPAP machine and your sleep therapy.  CPAP machines draw and compress ambient air, which is full of allergens, dust, and other particulates.  CPAP machines have filtration systems that draw the air through the filter, removing airborne particles before the air is delivered to your lungs.  Filters also protect and extend the lifetime of your CPAP machine by keeping particulates from accumulating in the machine.  Find the filter for your CPAP machine at

Most CPAP equipment demands very minimal scheduled maintenance. The filter is the only part of your machine that will require replacement and cleaning on a regular basis.

CPAP filters are categorized into two types. Each type of filter has its own particular purpose and maintenance requirement. Although the filters are referred to as black filters and white filters, the real nature of their categorization is based on their purpose and not on their color.

The purpose of the black filter is to remove large airborne pollutants or allergens, such as pollen, from reaching the next CPAP filter, the white filter.   White filters are more fine and their purpose is to remove smaller debris from the air before it reaches the CPAP machine itself.

There are some CPAP machines with only one type of filter. Black filters are sometimes stand-alone parts that can be found in certain CPAP equipment. White filters are usually used in conjunction with black filters. The white filter is often a disposable product intended to capture contaminants that are not removed by the black filter.

The black filters require washing once a week and need to be replaced twice a year. White filters are disposable and need changing every two weeks.

It is strongly advisable to regularly inspect your filter. Upon inspection, if the filter is still in good shape, then you may continue using it for your CPAP machine. Also do a regular check for debris. In the event that the filter is already worn or discoloured, make sure to either wash it or replace it depending on its type.

CPAP Filters need to be replaced regularly to prevent the possibility of more serious respiratory or sleep problems. Neglecting to clean and replace filters may cause complications such as respiratory infection due to poor air quality being pumped into the lungs.

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