Comfort Pads

CPAP comfort pads can help improve the comfort of your sleep therapy experience.  Wearing a mask interface for long periods of time can cause soreness or skin breakdowns at the points of contact on the face and at the bridge of the nose.  Comfort pads are placed between the skin and the mask to protect the skin and give a layer of cushioning to reduce the pressure of contact.  Get better sleep therapy with a comfort pad from

As well as mask interfaces are designed nowadays, wearing one for the duration of sleep, which may be up to 8 or more hours can cause discomfort on the face.  The skin at the point of contact can break down from friction and pressure and the nose bridges can become sore. 

Comfort pads are soft cushions that can protect the skin as well as improve the mask seal.   Making sure that your sleep therapy is as comfortable as possible improves compliance to treatment so that you will get the rest that you need.  If you are experiencing mask discomfort from your CPAP or BiPAP treatment, get affordable comfort pads from

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