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Making sure that your CPAP equipment is clean is important not only for your sleep therapy but for your health overall.  Dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria can accumulate on your CPAP equipment over time.  CPAP equipment has direct contact with your skin and your respiratory system, so the equipment needs to be clean or you may expose yourself to infections.  Get everything you need to keep your equipment clean at

CPAP equipment such as your masks and hoses either come in direct contact with your skin or have exposure to your respiratory system.   Dirt, bacteria, and other pathogens that may accumulate on your equipment can irritate your skin or give you infections.  Therefore keeping your equipment clean is very important for your health.

Dirt and oils can also damage your CPAP equipment, so keeping your equipment clean also extends the life of your equipment, allowing you to save money.

Regular household cleaners may leave behind residues that can irritate the skin or be harmful if inhaled so always clean your equipment with special cleaning products formulated especially for formulated for CPAP equipment.  Also components found in regular household cleaners such as bleach or alcohol may damage your equipment.

Specially formulated wipes make daily cleaning easy and there are cleaning solutions formulated for soaking CPAP equipment.   Make sure your equipment is always clean and ready to use with cleaning products from

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