Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion

Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion

The Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion by Sleep Care Technologies helps you receive the benefits of CPAP therapy without the usual irritation from wearing the CPAP masks.

  • Prevents the break-down of skin near the nose and soreness near the nose bridge for more comfort and relaxation while you sleep
  • Fights against mask leaks
  • Equipped with a state-of-the-art gel with natural mineral oils
  • Three pronged for easier and more secure attachment to nose and cheeks
  • Can last up to 30 days without replacement (recommended)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex- and silicone-free
  • Non-toxic
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Item Code NSC-001-B
MSRP: $15.95
Our price: $13.95

Product Description

Say goodbye to nasal skin irritation caused by your CPAP mask. The Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion by Sleep Care Technologies is a CPAP mask cushion placed over the face and underneath masks to prevent skin irritations such as skin breakdown or soreness of the nose bridge. It also helps prevent mask leaks, making sleep therapy more comfortable and enjoyable.

As an ideal comfort pad that helps improve the performance of CPAP masks, this CPAP mask cushion is very easy to use. With its three-pronged design that attaches to the bridge of the nose and on both cheeks, it is engineered to provide a secure fit while still being able to protect the skin from mask irritation.

The cushion pads are also hypoallergenic, latex-free, and silicone-free, making them a gentle choice for those with latex allergies or sensitive skin. The Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion is recommended to be used for about 30 days before replacement.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Darla Clifford
    My skin easily gets easily red and irritated after having my mask on, so I was thrilled to find a nasal cushion to prevent that. I use the blue one now, and I barely get any marks anymore, and I don’t wake up looking like I got punched in the face. The pain from all that pressure is now gone too, and I even the seal from my mask seems better. All in all, this nasal cushion is really effective for me and I recommend it to cpap users. I’m surely getting one again.
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