CPAP Hose Clip

CPAP Hose Clip

The CPAP Hose Clip from MVAP Medical Supplies, Inc., is a metal clip that helps prevent the tangling of CPAP tubing - an ideal product for hose management.

  • Velcro closure for adjustable fit
  • Sold individually
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Item Code CHC001
MSRP: $9.99
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Product Description

The CPAP Hose Clip from MVAP Medical Supplies Inc. helps minimize the problem of tangled CPAP tubing.  

CPAP therapy patients can secure their CPAP tubing to avoid tangles using a CPAP Hose Clip. The tubing goes through the Velcro band, which is then secured, and the metal clip is then attached to the bed sheets or the patient’s clothes.

This simple accessory keeps tubing secure, minimizing tangling and reduced airflow during sleep. This helps the patient reap the full benefits of their CPAP therapy.   The possibility of accidently rolling over your tubing and pulling against the face mask while sleeping is also minimized and even eliminated, helping to prevent air leaks.

The Velcro strap of the CPAP Hose Clip is also adjustable and can fit around tubing of any size.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Gregory Smith
    My CPAP hose constantly falls off the bed and pulls against my mask. It disrupts my sleep terribly. Iím glad I was able to find this hose clip to fasten to my sheets. It secures the hose well. Anyone who needs help with hose management could definitely use this hose clip.
  • Author: Vera K
    I move about quite a bit in my sleep and rolling over my hose and pulling on my mask was a big problem. Getting this clip and just clipping the hose out of the way was a big improvement.
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