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Regular Chinstrap

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The Regular Chinstrap helps patients keep their mouth closed during CPAP therapy, preventing dry mouth and other complications arising from mouth breathing, as well as CPAP airflow leakage.

  • Simple and comfortable to wear during sleep
  • Fastens to itself
  • Latex-free
  • Available in black or white
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    Patient Sleep Supplies, providers of high-quality mask accessories, brings you the Regular Chinstrap by AG Industries. This product helps ensure that your mouth remains closed during CPAP therapy, so that your sleep therapy is not compromised.   This chinstrap helps make your therapy more effective and comfortable at the same time.

    Patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have difficulties sleeping.  Patients suffering from OSA have airways that tend to collapse and become obstructed while they sleep.  This causes disruptions in breathing, which causes these patients to awaken multiple times during the night.  Applying continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) to the patient’s airways can prevent the airways from collapsing, allowing the patient to breath better and sleep better.  Delivery of CPAP comes from a CPAP machine via a mask interface such as a CPAP nasal mask.

    CPAP machines operate on a closed pressure system, providing positive air pressure to the airway via the mask interface.  However, if the mouth is open during treatment, which sometimes happens while you are sleeping, the air pressure can escape through the mouth before it reaches the airway, making the therapy ineffective. This is why sleeping with mouths open during CPAP therapy must be prevented.

    Wearing a chinstrap during your CPAP therapy is an effective and affordable way of addressing this problem. Not only does the Regular Chinstrap provide prevention against nasal and oral dryness, it does so without discomfort to the patient.

    Similar to the Respironics chinstrap,  this Regular Chinstrap is simple to put on. It is worn around the head and easily attaches to itself, providing a secure fit, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off your face. It is also latex-free, so it is recommended for patients with latex allergies.

     For a more comfortable, and ultimately better, CPAP therapy, add the Regular Chinstrap to your CPAP system.

    This product may be returned on warranty issues only.

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