Sleep Disorders for Dummies

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Sleep Disorders for Dummies by Max Hirshkowitz, Ph.D., A.B.S.M. and Patricia B. Smith offers a wide range of topics written by renowned experts. It’s the easiest way to understand why you can’t get a good night’s sleep!  Includes a foreword by William C. Dement.

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  • Published by John Wiley & Sons
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Written by renowned experts in their field, Sleep Disorders for Dummies is a very comprehensive reference guide for those who need to be informed about coping with discomforts of various sleep conditions.

This easy-to-read reference book on sleep disorders contains a guide on how to get a good night’s rest. It provides an expansive description of sleep problems, discusses sleep apnea information, as well as possible sleep disorder solutions.

The book further deals with topics ranging from prevention to management of symptoms, and offers tips to improve your sleeping habits that thereby enhance the quality of your sleep.

It also offers suggestions on what to ask your doctor, complete with a guide for finding the right doctor and choosing the right sleep clinic to help you more effectively deal with your specific sleep disorder.

Millions of Americans must deal with sleep problems after an already stressful day at work or school. And while they might seem harmless, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia and restless legs syndrome should be taken seriously. Sleep disorders are not limited to conditions that cause sleeplessness. In fact, oversleeping is considered a sleep disorder, too.

So if you or someone you love suffers from sleep problems, or if you have kids who need special attention when bedtime comes, this book is a must-have for you.

Because stress and anxiety are often inevitable once symptoms manifest, this book also contains recommendations on ways to cope with these issues.

Sleep Disorders for Dummies covers not only sleep disorders but also other medical conditions that may lead to the disruption of regular sleeping patterns. It is very helpful for those who travel a lot and constantly suffer from jetlag, or even for employees who take the night shift at work.

This book is a perfect resource to help maintain a healthy lifestyle despite abnormal sleeping hours. Grab a copy now so that you can avoid waking up at the wrong side of the bed again!

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