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REM-A-TEE Bumper Belt

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REM-A-TEE Bumper Belt helps with positional therapy to treat sleep disorders.

  • Adjustable straps position the belt based on your preferred level of tension and keeps it in place
  • May be worn over clothes or directly in contact with your skin
  • Made of neoprene materials
  • Inflatable bumpers for easy storage and handling
  • Available in different sizes
    • Pediatric (20"-26" Chest)
    • Medium (26"-36" Chest)
    • Large (35"-40" Chest)
    • Extra Large (40"-47" Chest)
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    For some people, prevention of snoring may be as simple as sleeping on your side to keep the nasal passages open while you sleep.  The REM-A-TEE Bumper Belt uses inflatable bumpers to help keep you sleeping on your side.

    Snoring may also be an indicator that a person has sleep apnea. Aside from using CPAP machines, Positional Therapy is one way to treat this problem naturally.   Positional Therapy may be as simple as sleeping on your side and not on your back. Sleeping in such a position helps prevent your airways from being blocked and provides snoring relief.

    While sleeping on the side may seem easy, people who tend to move a lot during their sleep may not always be able to stay in this position.  If you’re one of these people that do move around while sleeping, the REM-A-TEE Bumper Belt may help solve your problem.

    The REM-A-TEE Bumper Belt is a sleep alternative treatment that does not require surgical means or machines to cure sleep apnea, snoring problems and other positional-related sleep disorders. It works as a brace to help you remain sleeping on your side.

    Three inflatable balloons attached to the belt keep you from rolling to undesired positions. You may also vary the positions of the bumpers or inflatables according to the amount of support you prefer. The belt is crafted with an anti-slip lining that prevents it from moving, sliding off, or being tossed during sleep.

    REM-A-TEE bumper belts use Velcro® straps to allow you to quickly and easily adjust the belt based on your preferred amount of tightness, pressure, and support. These bumper belts are also available in different sizes to fit children, teens and adults.

    With its bumpers designed to deflate for easy storage and safe-keeping, The REM-A-TEE Bumper Belt is also easy to pack, making it convenient for traveling.

    Do you need to wash the belt 3/8 Maintenance is not problem at all. Simply remove the inflatable parts and wash the belt to clean it.

    You can use this innovative belt over your clothes or directly on your skin, whichever is more comfortable for you.

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