PureSom Classic Chinstrap

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The PureSom Classic Chinstrap by CareFusion is the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency. Designed to help keep the mouth closed during CPAP therapy.

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The PureSom Classic Chinstrap by CareFusion is the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency. Made with Breath-O-Prene, a breathable material that allows air to flow, keeping the user cool and comfortable. Designed to keep the mouth closed during CPAP therapy. 

When the mouth drops open during sleep a full face mask is needed to ensure the therapy pressure is not escaping through the mouth. Adding a chinstrap to the therapy to stop the jaw from dropping may allow for the use of a nasal mask or nasal pillow system.

Manufacturer Notes on the Classic Chinstrap:

  • Put the chinstrap on prior to putting on the mask and headgear.
  • With the mouth closed, place the chin in the cup and pull the straps up to the top of the head and fasten.
  • With the Classic Chinstrap in place, put on the mask and headgear.
  • To avoid discomfort, avoid over tightening.

Care and Cleaning: Wash the Classic Chinstrap weekly using a mild detergent, allow to air dry. The Classic Chinstrap should NOT be machine washed or dried, or put in the dishwasher. Do not iron the Classic Chinstrap.

Materials: The Classic Chinstrap is a latex free product and is made or Breathe-O Prene (Nylon / Spandex / Polyurethane).

Return on warranty issues only.

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    CareFusion 205, Inc.
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