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Freedom V² CPAP Battery Kit for Respironics DreamStation Series

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The Freedom V2 CPAP Battery lets you power your CPAP machine when and where you need it – no matter where your world takes you!

  • Perfect for camping, road trips and other outdoor adventures
  • Safe for air travel and great for red-eye and international flights
  • Set up as an uninterrupted battery backup system for power outages
  • Also compatible with older Respironics System One 60 Series machines
  • DreamStation = Single Battery: 1-2 nights | Dual Batteries: 2-4 nights
  • System One 60 Series = Single Battery: 1-3 nights | Dual Batteries: 3-5 nights
    • standard CPAP on pressure setting of 10 cm/H20
    • no heated humidification or heated tubing
    • night = 7-8 hours
  • Ability to bridge two Freedom Vbatteries together for longer run times.
  • Quick Charge 3.0 USB port for charging cell phones, tablets and more.
  • Included with this kit:
    • Freedom V² CPAP Battery
    • Freedom V² Respironics DreamStation Series Output Cable (cable is also compatible with Respironics System One 60 series)
    • User Manual
    • *Dual battery kit will also include the Freedom V² CPAP Battery with Bridge Cable
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    The Freedom V² CPAP Battery was designed specifically for use with CPAP machines to provide external power when AC power is unavailable. Its small, lightweight design makes it ideal for use as a travel CPAP battery and it can also be set up as an uninterrupted backup power supply in the event of a power outage. Freedom V² Battery Kits are available with the required output cables to connect the battery to any common CPAP machine. 

    Unique variable voltage design and smart DC cables with dynamic control output make the Freedom Van industry-leader in CPAP travel battery and backup power supply technology.

    This ultra-portable lithium-ion battery is the ideal solution for powering your CPAP machine while camping or during air travel. It can also be permanently connected to your CPAP machine and used as a battery backup system to offer continuous, uninterrupted power in the event of a power outage.

    Variable Voltage Output (12V-24V)
    Variable voltage DC/DC soft switching technology allows the Freedom V2 CPAP Battery to work with most common makes and models of CPAP machines and other PAP devices as the voltage output is determined by the unique power path of the DC output cable used to connect the battery to the CPAP machine. This means if you change CPAP machines you won’t have to purchase a whole new battery – you will just need a new output cable.

    Smart DC Output Cables
    Unique streamlined DC output cables make connecting the Freedom V2 CPAP Battery to your CPAP machine fast and easy. No confusing connection sequences or bulky 24V power converters or 12V adapters. The 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter is used to connect the CPAP machine to the battery if a DC output cable is not available.

    Dynamic Control Technology
    Dynamic control technology provides maximum efficiency and increased run times of up to 20% on some CPAP machines from the original Freedom CPAP Battery.

    Digital Display Screen
    The digital display screen shows the battery charge level as a percentage making it easy to gauge expected run times and to know when it is time to charge the battery.

    Travel Adventures
    The Freedom V2 CPAP Battery is ideal for powering your CPAP machine while enjoying your favorite outdoor adventures but it is also great for use during red-eye and international flights. At just under 100 Wh it is FAA compliant for lithium-ion batteries taken in your carry-on baggage. For more information see the Air Travel FAQ Flyer.

    Battery Backup System Mode
    The Freedom V2 CPAP Battery can be setup as an uninterrupted battery backup system so you don’t need to worry about sleepless nights without your CPAP machine during power outages. You can keep your CPAP machine plugged into the battery and when the power goes out the battery will recognize this and automatically start powering your machine. It is designed with a built-in cell bypass feature so battery power is only used when AC power is unavailable thus extending the overall life of the battery.

    Dual Battery Option
    Need more power? You can bridge two Freedom V2 batteries together to double the amount of time you can power your CPAP machine or other portable electronic device. Purchase a Freedom V2 dual battery kit or add an additional battery later.

    Quick Charge 3.0 USB Port
    The Freedom V2 CPAP Battery powers more than just your CPAP machine! The convenient Quick Charge 3.0 USB port offers fast charge times for your favorite portable electronics like cell phones, tablets, cameras, and more.

    Smart Charging Management Design
    The Freedom V2 CPAP Battery is designed to be charged using the AC power supply of the most common CPAP machine models so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of another power cord. The AC power supply will connect directly to the battery or via a power supply adapter included in the battery kit. The Freedom V2 AC Power Supply is available for purchase if a separate power supply is preferred.

    More Charging Options
    You can keep the Freedom V2 CPAP Battery charged up and ready to go no matter where your world takes you! When AC power is not available you can charge the battery in a vehicle with the Auto Charge DC Cable or 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter or by using the power of the sun with the Freedom 50W Solar Panel.

    Average Run Time Notes:

    Many factors can affect how long the Freedom V² CPAP Battery battery will power your PAP device, including, but not limited to the device type (CPAP, BiPAP, AVAP, VPAP, etc.) pressure setting, your mask fit, and the use of heated humidification or heated tubing.

    • Using heated humidification and/or heated tubing will significantly reduce expected run times by up to two thirds in most cases and in some cases could prevent the battery from being able to power your PAP device. For optimal battery performance you should disable or detach your humidifier and heated tubing.
    • BiPAP/BiLevel devices will have lower run times as the pressure setting is not constant and changes throughout the night requiring more power to operate the device. For these types of devices a dual battery setup is always recommended.

    To increase average run times the Freedom V² CPAP Battery can be used in a dual battery configuration by bridging two Freedom V² batteries together.

    Average run times are based on Respironics DreamStation or System One 60 series CPAP machines without the use of heated humidification or heated tubing on a pressure setting of 10 cm/H20.

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