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PILLO1 is a deluxe specialty pillow designed by Dr. Raymond Hall to reduce discomfort during sleep.

  • This pillow alleviates back and neck pain by providing you with the proper support while sleeping.
  • Available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Neck support for medium and large sizes also available
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CPAP users are enjoying the perfect blend of comfort and support with PILLO1’s new side and back sleeping Talalay latex neck pillow.  Designed by Wellness and Sleep Expert, Dr Raymond Hall, DC, PILLO1 offers the essential blend of side AND back sleeping support.   No more hollow support:  Other CPAP pillows have mask cut outs and crevasses that destabilize the head and neck creating stress and strain.  PILLO1 uses the Talalay softness that has a low surface pressure to accommodate the side posture of the mask yet keeps the head and neck supported.  PILLO1 also has a built in variable neck support option in the Medium and Large sizes for your personal choice during back lying for therapeutic support or ultimate comfort.  The superior non-toxic Talalay latex also is free from chemical odors and off-gassing, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and Dust mite (common source of allergens) resistant.  This is a patented, one of a kind revolutionary design.

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