Nasal Aire II Petite Prong CPAP Mask with Headgear

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The Nasal Aire II Petite Prong CPAP Mask by Innomed  is designed for smaller-sized patients   

  • Includes all of the comforts of the Nasal Aire technology designed for petite patients
  • Micro headgear designed for smaller heads included.
  • Rotating swivel at the coupling promotes freedom of movement.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Available in five sizes.
  • $70.00
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Even petite patients can now experience the comfort and ease of use of the Nasal Aire technology by Innomed. Petite nasal prongs are available in five sizes for optimal fitting on smaller patients. Petite patients that need an alternative to restrictive and uncomfortable headgear and bulky masks will find this small and unobtrusive nasal prong mask a great option.

With the many comfort-oriented design features, this nasal prong interface can be worn for long periods without discomfort because there are no uncomfortable pressure points on the face. The Nasal Aire II Petite Prong is quiet, lightweight, and soft. Patients can rest freely in numerous positions because there is no cumbersome headgear or bulky mask that gets in the way when shifting from one position to another.

The micro headgear is designed especially for smaller features to comfortably keep the nasal prong assembly stable and in place to maintain a good seal.  

A standard hose from the CPAP or BiPAP machine attaches to the swivel on the mask system. The swivel freely rotates 360°, allowing the patient to move more freely without worrying about twisting the tube. As the patient moves, the swivel will allow the hose to adjust and twisting is minimized, and torque pressure on the hose is prevented.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleep disorder that prevents patients from getting quality sleep due to difficulties in breathing while sleeping. The airways of OSA patients collapse and obstruct breathing while the patient sleeps.  Breathing interruptions, in turn, cause the patient to awaken from sleep, resulting in the patient being unable to get quality sleep.

Effective therapy includes applying continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, to the airways of the patient to prevent the airway from collapsing.  Air pressure is delivered to the patients airways via a mask interface.  The mask interface must be comfortable and must ensure a good seal so that users can relax and get quality sleep. The Nasal Aire II is a quality interface that provides both of these requirements.

Smaller-sized patients who need CPAP therapy can benefit from all the of the comfort features of the Nasal Aire II Petite Prong CPAP Mask. 

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    DeVilbiss Healthcare
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    Size A, Size B, Size C, Size D, Size E
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