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SnuggleGear 4-Point Headgear

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The SnuggleGear 4-Point Headgear fits most nasal and full-face CPAP masks.

  • Made of soft fleece
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex-free
  • Equipped with Velcro straps for a secure fit
  • Machine washable
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    The SnuggleGear 4-Point Headgear, manufactured by Snugglehose, is a intelligently designed to fit a wide range of nasal and full-face CPAP masks, including but not limited to the ComfortGel Nasal Mask, the ComfortSelect Nasal Mask, the FlexiFit HC407 Nasal Mask, the EasyLife Nasal Mask and the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask.

    This universal headgear is latex-free and hypoallergenic, making it a suitable choice for patients with skin sensitivities.  More importantly, the entire headgear is equipped with Velcro, which allows you to easily fasten your CPAP mask or headgear clips securely in place.

    Comfortable headgear is important for good sleep therapy.  The role of the headgear is not only to securely hold the CPAP mask in place, but also to ensure that you are comfortable so that you can get the sleep that you need. 

    If your current headgear is not comfortable for your CPAP therapy, SnuggleGear 4-Point Headgear may be a good solution.  Made of soft fleece that will not leave red marks on the head or face, the SnuggleGear 4-Point Headgear gives you a snug but comfortable fit.   A good fit will help ensure that your CPAP mask is able to maintain a good seal for optimum delivery of CPAP.

    This headgear is made of machine-washable material and is very easy to clean.

    This headgear works well with the following masks:

    o   ComfortGel Nasal Mask

    o   ProfileLite Gel Nasal

    o   Ultra Mirage II Nasal

    o   Mirage Activa Nasal Mask

    o   ComfortClassic Nasal Mask

    o   Mirage SoftGel Nasal Mask

    o   ComfortGel Blue

    o   FlexiFit HC407 Nasal Mask

    o   Zzz-Mask Nasal Mask

    o   FlexiFit HC405 Nasal Mask

    o   Mirage Activa LT Mask

    o   ComfortSelect Nasal Mask

    o   Aclaim 2 Nasal Mask

    o   Zest Nasal Mask

    o   Mirage Micro Nasal Mask

    o   SomnoPlus Nasal Mask

    o   Serenity Nasal Gel Mask

    o   EasyLife Nasal Mask

    o   FlexSet Nasal Mask

    o   Invacare Twilight 2 Mask

    o   ComfortFusion Nasal Mask

    o   FlexiFit HC406 Petite

    o   EasyFit Gel Nasal

    o   Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask

    o   ComfortFull 2 Full Face Mask

    o   ComfortGel Full Face Mask

    o   Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask

    o   EasyFit Gel Full Face Mask

    o   Mojo Gel Full Face Mask

    o   EasyFit Silicone FullFace Mask

    o   Full Advantage Full Face Mask


    For more comfortable CPAP therapy and a good night’s sleep, get the SnuggleGear 4-Point Headgear for your CPAP mask. It is soft, cozy, and securely fits your CPAP gear with its durable straps.

    This product can be returned on warranty issues only.

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