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Eson Nasal Mask Headgear

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This is the replacement headgear for use with the Eson Nasal CPAP Mask.

Available in 2 sizes:

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    Using the proper headgear with the Eson nasal CPAP mask is important for effective sleep therapy.  The headgear plays an integral role in keeping the mask stable and secure so that it can maintain a seal while you sleep.

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea deprives patients of restful sleep due to the fact that the patient's airway muscles relax and collapse when they sleep.  This results in an obstructed airway that makes breathing difficult for the patient and causes the patient to awaken repeatedly throughout the night.  Applying continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) to the patient's airway via a mask interface such as the Eson mask can prevent the airway from collapsing, providing the patient with more normal breathing and allowing the patient to sleep better.

    For the Eson mask to function at the best capacity, it requires the headgear to properly stabilize and secure the mask to the patient.  Damaged headgear may not provide optimal support for the mask, and thus the mask's ability to maintain a good seal may be compromised.  Always replace damaged headgear to get the most benefit from your sleep therapy.

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