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Adam Style Chinstrap

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The Universal Chinstrap keeps the mouth closed during sleep.

  • Can be used with any CPAP mask or headgear
  • Latex-free
  • Features the Adam style design
  • Comes in color black
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    The Universal Chinstrap manufactured by AG Industries, is an affordable alternative to the SnugFit Chin Strap by Puritan Bennett. It is intelligently designed to keep the mouth closed during CPAP or BiPAP therapy and can be used with any type of CPAP mask, nasal cannula system, or nasal pillow.

    Chinstraps are commonly used by CPAP patients to help prevent their jaws from dropping during sleep. When the jaw drops, the mouth is left hanging open, which compromises the effectiveness of the therapy and tends to cause nasal and oral dryness.

    For CPAP therapy to be effective in treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the positive air pressure needs to be maintained in the patient’s airways to keep the airways open.  Sleeping with an open mouth can release the air pressure and cause the CPAP therapy to be ineffective.  An open mouth during CPAP therapy can also cause the mouth to become dry as the escaping air dries the moisture in the mouth.

    With the Universal Chinstrap, the mouth is securely kept closed, because its secure strap encircles the head and attaches to itself on top. Thus, your mouth is easily stays closed during sleep, allowing you to breathe in the air from the CPAP through your nose and ensuring the effectiveness of your CPAP treatment.

    This latex-free chinstrap is ideal for patients with latex sensitivities and comes in black color.

    Using this Universal Chinstrap is a great solution to help achieve successful CPAP therapy and prevent nasal and oral dryness.   Get one today!

    This product can be returned on warranty issues only.

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