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If you are having difficulties with your sleep therapy because you sleep with your mouth open, a CPAP chinstrap can be an easy and affordable solution to your problem. An open mouth during sleep therapy may be a source of air pressure leakage and diminish the effectiveness of your therapy. An open mouth during therapy may also result in uncomfortable dry mouth. A CPAP chinstrap gently and comfortably holds the mouth shut while you sleep, giving you to have better results with your therapy. Find many different models of CPAP chinstraps at PatientSleepSupplies.com. 

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  • Deluxe Chinstrap
    • 21% off

    Deluxe Chinstrap

    The Deluxe Chinstrap prevents the mouth from falling open while asleep during CPAP therapy.

    • Comparable to Respironics Deluxe Chin Strap 302425
    • Designed with an under-the-chin mechanism to eliminate discomfort when worn during sleep
    • Highly adjustable for different head sizes
    • Comes with little anchoring straps for a more secure fit
    • Color: white
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    • $14.95

  • Deluxe II Chinstrap
    • 31% off

    Deluxe II Chinstrap

    • Premium chinstrap
    • Adjustable strap
    • Latex-free
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    • $15.95

  • Deluxe III Chinstrap
    • 17% off

    Deluxe III Chinstrap

    The Deluxe III Chinstrap gently and effectively keeps the mouth closed during sleep to eliminate the discomforts associated with oral and nasal dryness.

    • Completely adjustable even around the ear for comfort
    • Made of neoprene materials
    • Latex-free
    • Washable
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    • $18.95

  • Adam Style Chinstrap
    • 20% off

    Adam Style Chinstrap

    The Universal Chinstrap keeps the mouth closed during sleep.

    • Can be used with any CPAP mask or headgear
    • Latex-free
    • Features the Adam style design
    • Comes in color black
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    • $15.95

  • High Quality Semi-Disposable Chinstrap

    High Quality Sem-Disosable Chinstrap

    • Colors are black or blue
    • Comes in a pack of 10 
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    • $32.95

  • Regular Chinstrap

    The Regular Chinstrap helps patients keep their mouth closed during CPAP therapy, preventing dry mouth and other complications arising from mouth breathing, as well as CPAP airflow leakage.

    • Simple and comfortable to wear during sleep
    • Fastens to itself
    • Latex-free
    • Available in black or white
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    • $12.95