CPAP Mask Stand

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  • Can be easily put together
  • This stand can be used for several purposes
  • Small and balanced design
  • Something to store your mask on when it is not being used
  • Able to hold almost all CPAP masks
  • The sloped stand allows the mask to dangle
  • Provides a way for the mask to air dry throughout the day
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The CPAP Mask Stand by AG Industries creates a great way to store your mask when you are not using it. This stand was designed to hold almost all CPAP masks and to take up minimal space on your nightstand. It balances on a flat base and has two adjustable arms to grasp the mask from its forehead support or the top of the cushion. The CPAP Mask Stand is angled at a slope, so the mask can dangle and air dry throughout the day.

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    AG Industries
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