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HC150 Heated Humidifier Chamber

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Reusable chamber for the HC100 and HC150 heated humidifier by Fisher & Paykel

  • Stainless steel base
  • Durable plastic dome
  • Dishwasher safe
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    This is the reusable water chamber for the HC100 and HC150 Heated Humidifier by Fisher & Paykel.   This humidifier water chamber features a stainless steel base and durable plastic dome.  This chamber is designed for long-term usage, and with regular cleaning and maintenance, it can be used for many years. 

    The chamber has two hose ports located at the top of the chamber.  Included with the chamber is connector tubing and tubing adaptor.

    To get the best use from your water chamber, dump out the remaining water and dry the chamber after your sleep therapy.  Make sure to regularly clean it to prevent build-up of bacteria or mold.  The stainless steel base can be separated from the dome for cleaning purposes.  This humidifier water chamber can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

    Adding a humidifier to your CPAP or BiPAP equipment will greatly increase the comfort of your treatment.  Prolonged intake of pressurized air can cause dry and irritated nasal passages that can cause discomfort.  Warming and adding moisture to the pressurized air can prevent this dryness and irritation and improve your overall therapy.  Better comfort for your treatment means more compliance so that you will get the rest that you need.  Get this reusable humidifier water chamber for your Fisher & Paykel humidifier to get better results from your sleep therapy.

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