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Reusable Black Foam Filters for Respironics Solo, Solo LX, Solo Plus, Solo Plus LX, Remstar LX, Remstar Plus LX, Aria LX, Virtuoso LX (2 Pack)

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Disposable White Fine Filters (6 Pack) and Reusable Black Foam Filters (2 Pack) for these Respironics Machines:

  • Solo
  • Solo LX
  • Solo Plus
  • Solo Plus LX
  • Remstar LX
  • Remstar Plus LX
  • Aria LX
  • Virtuoso LX
  • Disposable White Fine Filters (6 Pack) Dimensions: 3 3/8” x 2  15/16”
  • Reusable Black Foam Filters (2 Pack) Dimensions: 3 3/8” x 2  3/8”
  • Available in 6 pack
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    Disposable Fine White Filters (6 Pack):
    These Disposable White Fine Filters are designed to work with the listed Respironics Machines. 

    Filtration of the air is a very important function of CPAP machines.  Ambient air is full of dust, pollen, and other impurities that need to be removed before the air is pressurized for CPAP therapy.  If not removed, these air impurities would be inhaled during therapy and cause irritation or other health issues.  Furthermore, dust can accumulate inside the CPAP machine and damage it.

    Replace these disposable filters regularly to ensure that your Respironics CPAP machine is properly filtering the air.  If the filter is damaged or dirty, it needs to be replaced immediately.  These filters are available in 6 packs so you will always have new filters on hand.

    Reusable Black Foam Filters (2 Pack):
    The Reusable Black Foam Filters filters each measure 3.375 × 2.375 inches, making them compatible with several Respironics, Remstar, Aria and Virtuoso CPAP machines .

    CPAP filters remove dust, pollen, and other airborne particulates from the air that goes into the CPAP machine, protecting the CPAP patient and the machine.  Airborne particles may potentially cause diseases or respiratory infection when inhaled.  Dust, pollen, and other particles, if unfiltered can accumulate in the CPAP machine and damage it.   Making sure your CPAP filter is in good working condition is extremely crucial for both your CPAP therapy and your system’s maintenance.

    Reusable filters should be washed at least once a week.  These reusable black foam filters should be replaced every three months or as soon as signs of wear or damage are observed.

    Each pack comes with two filters.

    Returns are allowed for warranty issues only.

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      Patient Sleep Supplies
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      Disposable Fine White (6 Pack), Reusable Black Foam (2 Pack)
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