AutoPAP refers to automatic positive airway pressure or auto-adjusting airway pressure.  An AutoPAP machine differs from a CPAP machine in that AutoPAP machines deliver a wide range of air pressure rather than a constant air pressure.  AutoPAP machines measure the patient’s breathe and delivers the minimal amount of pressure for effective therapy.   Find your AutoPAP machine at

Positive airway pressure has been proven to be effective in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  Patient with OSA lose quality sleep due to difficulties in breathing during sleep.  The upper airways of OSA patients collapse and close off during sleep, causing interruptions in breathing.   Breathing interruptions in turn disrupt the patient’s sleep. 

Using positive airway pressure, the patient’s airway is effectively prevented from closing, allowing the patient to breathe more regularly and to sleep better.  Most patients use CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, where a constant air pressure is applied against the patient’s airways.  Airflow needs to be set at a pressure level that is effective in keeping the patient’s airway open.  A sleep physician usually determines the level of air pressure required for effective therapy from sleep tests conducted on the patient. 

The level of pressure determined by the sleep physician is what is set on the CPAP machine for the patient’s therapy.  Some patients find the level of pressure to be uncomfortable and have difficulty complying with the therapy.  One possible solution for these patients that have difficulty with a CPAP machine is by using an AutoPAP machine.

An AutoPAP machine measures the breathing pattern of the patient and through an algorithm provides the minimum amount of air pressure for effective therapy.  The AutoPAP can adjust the air pressure as the patient changes sleeping positions or enters into different stages of sleep.  Lower air pressures can be more comfortable and tolerable for the patient and increase the likelihood of therapy compliance.

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