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CPAP tube covers can improve your sleep therapy experience by helping to eliminate condensation and rain out.  Tube covers also make tubing and hoses feel softer to the touch and different colored tube covers can make your CPAP equipment look less medical and more pleasant visually.  Find a tube cover to make your BiPAP or CPAP experience better at

Sleep therapy using positive airway pressure (CPAP or BiPAP) can cause discomfort in patients by drying out the airways.  To improve comfort many patients elect to use an air humidifier along with their CPAP machines.   The air humidifier serves to warm and moisten the pressurized air to make it more comfortable to breathe. 

One downside of using a humidifier with your BiPAP or CPAP machine is condensation and rain out.  Condensation occurs when the warm and moist humidified pressurized air passes through the cooler temperature of the CPAP tube as it travels to the CPAP mask.  As the humidified air cools in the CPAP tubing, some of the moisture condenses into water in the tube.  When the condensation accumulates, it can be pushed up the tube and into the mask, splashing  and awakening the patient. This is known as rain out.  Condensation in the tube can also cause a gurgling noise that can be very distracting and annoying.

Tube covers are an easy and affordable way to reduce or eliminate condensation in the tube.  Tube covers can insulate the tube and keep the temperature in the tube warmer so that condensation does not occur.  This simple and affordable solution can greatly improve your sleep therapy experience so that you can get the restful sleep you need. carries many models of tube covers to service your CPAP needs.

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