Hose Management

CPAP hose management is something that can greatly improve the comfort of your CPAP treatment.  Having to deal with tangled CPAP hoses is a problem many sleep therapy patients encounter.  Tangled and twisted tubes can cause reduced airflow as well as create nooks and crannies where condensation can accumulate.  Simple and affordable CPAP hose management accessories can help you keep your hoses organized and out of your way. PatientSleepSupplies.com carries many tools and devices for hose management for you to have a superior CPAP experience.

Most people move while they sleep.  Movement can cause your CPAP tubes to twist and tangle.  Your CPAP hose can develop twists and kinks that decrease or even shut down the airflow through the tube, disrupting or interrupting your sleep therapy.  Tangled hoses can also cause mask pull, where the mask is pulled off of your face when you move during sleep.  Mask pull can break the seal on your mask interface and reduce the effectiveness of your sleep therapy.

Accessories for hose management can keep the hoses elevated and away from your body, reducing the chance of the hose becoming tangled and twisted.  Easy and affordable solutions such as these can greatly improve the comfort as well as the effectiveness of your sleep therapy so that you can sleep better and feel better.  Get the most out of your BiPAP and CPAP treatment with comfort accessories from PatientSleepSupplies.com.

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