Breeze Nasal CPAP Mask with DreamSeal Assembly and Headgear

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The Breeze Nasal CPAP Mask with DreamSeal Assembly by Puritan Bennett is convenient and easy to fit.

  • Simple straps allow for multiple adjustments to get the perfect fit
  • Latex-free, silicone cushions
  • DreamSeal Nasal interface floats across the face and is free of confining straps
  • Available in three sizes: Standard, Large, and Shallow
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The Breeze SleepGear Nasal Interface with DreamSeal assembly offers the simplicity and versatility that are essential in a CPAP mask. Because of the unique floating system, users of this mask can sleep in virtually any position, even on the side or on the stomach. The soft silicone mask goes smoothly over the face and follows the contour of the head. 

The simple headgear fits around the forehead without any straps across the face. Users do not have to worry about straps digging into their cheeks and leaving red marks in the morning. 

People affected by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have difficulties sleeping because their breathing is interrupted from their airways becoming obstructed when they sleep.  Patients can receive continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, to keep the airways open.   Effective CPAP therapy will allow patients to breathe normally while sleeping, allowing them to sleep through the night.

The ultimate goal of CPAP therapy is for patients to get the rest that they need.  A mask interface needs to be able maintain an effective seal for the duration of sleep for the CPAP, and also be comfortable to wear.   The innovative, minimally intrusive design of the Breeze SleepGear gives patients a reliable interface for CPAP delivery as well as comfort so that the patient can relax and get a peaceful sleep.

The Breeze Nasal CPAP mask is available in standard, large, and shallow sizes for an exact fit. This mask can be incorporated with any CPAP or BiPAP machine, and the Breeze system can be connected to a standard CPAP/BiPAP hose. Available replacement cushions will extend the longevity of the mask system.

The system includes the CPAP mask, the headgear, and the DreamSeal assembly. The DreamSeal mask cushions are manufactured with soft, latex-free silicone for maximum comfort.

Return on warranty issues only.

  • Brand
    Covidien (Kendall)
  • GTIN
  • Size
    Standard, Large, Shallow
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