The Hozer

The Hozer

The Hozer helps manage your CPAP hose and prevents entanglement

  • Utilizes durable materials, flexible rods, and a swivel mechanism for hose adjustment during sleep
  • Designed to complement the movement of sleepers
  • Increases compliance to CPAP therapy by promoting comfort
  • Ultra-light and easy to assemble
  • Supports most CPAP systems
  • Portable
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Item Code 77007
MSRP: $89.95
Our price: $49.95

Product Description

The Hozer is an innovative device that helps to prevent CPAP tubing from becoming entangled by keeping the hose away from the patient’s bed. Designed to raise the CPAP hose above your bed, The Hozer allows you to move more freely and comfortably in your sleep while undergoing CPAP therapy.

Using a swivel mechanism, the Hozer adjusts your hose accordingly when you switch positions during sleep. The rods are flexible as well, so they adjust according to the height that is most comfortable for you. These features help to prevent tangles and kinks on the tubing, and having to constantly adjust the hose, providing you with more hours of uninterrupted sleep while letting you make the most of your sleep therapy.

The Hozer is a CPAP suspension accessory that is made of strong durable materials. It is ultra-light and easy to assemble, making it a portable accessory you can take with you while traveling.

To use the device, all you have to do is slip the base tubes in between your mattress and your bed and hang your CPAP hose on the top hook.  And just like that, this Hozer can make a world of a difference to your CPAP therapy and your night-time rest!

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Fred Bailey
    I originally had reservations about buying this product when I saw the picture. It really seemed like it was too complicated for an old guy like me to assemble. But reading the product benefits and reviews from other customers convinced me to try out this device.
    Surprisingly, I didn’t have to call my son to help me set up the equipment like I expected. The Hozer was pretty straightforward to assemble. It works great adjusting to my movements while I got my mask on. Now I don’t have to worry about tripping on the way to the bathroom at night!
  • Author: Calvin P.
    This worked well. Did exactly what it is supposed to do and got the hose out of my way. Great product.
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