Standard Tubing

Standard CPAP tubing has a diameter of 22mm and will connect with most CPAP and BiPAP machines as well as most mask interfaces, including full face masks, nasal masks, and nasal pillow masks.  Some special CPAP machines,  such as the S9 series machines by ResMed, require special tubing.  Find your CPAP tubing at


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UltaGen CPAP Tubing
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UltaGen CPAP Tubing UltraLite Performance CPAP Tubing
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The most common length of standard CPAP tubing is 6 feet.  Longer lengths of tubing are available if sleep therapy patients need more freedom of movement.  Special tubing may have enhanced cuffs for easier attachment or are made of lighter materials.

To prevent build up of dirt and bacteria, CPAP tubing should be regularly cleaned with a cleaning product formulated specifically for respiratory devices.  Because the tubing is a conduit for pressurized air that is inhaled, it is important to use cleaning products specifically made for respiratory devices.  These specially formulated cleaning products, such as RespiClean, do not contain chemicals that will leave toxic residues that can make the patient ill.

Even with regular cleaning, it is recommended to replace CPAP tubing every three months as a precaution against bacteria that may accumulate in the tube. can take care of all of your CPAP tubing needs.

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