SNAPP 2.0 Nasal Prong CPAP Mask with Headgear

SNAPP 2.0 Nasal Prong CPAP Mask with Headgear

The Snapp 2.0 Nasal Prong CPAP Mask by CareFusion features a soft and comfortable nasal prong design.

  • Exhaled air is quietly directed away from the bed partner so as not to disturb them.
  • Available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large
  • CPAP hose can be positioned over the head or across the chest.
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Product Description

The SNAPP 2.0 Nasal Prong CPAP mask is designed to be a comfortable direct nasal interface for continuous or bi-level positive airway pressure therapy. The SNAPP 2.0 delivers positive airway pressure therapy to the patient via soft nasal prongs.

The nasal prongs are conical in shape and fit comfortably into the nostrils. The soft prongs make two points of contact with the nostrils, the top of the prong forming a seal against the interior of the nostrils and the prong pillow body forming a seal with the exterior of the nostril.  The cushion body also forms a seal when the headgear is in place and properly adjusted.

The nasal prongs rest above the bellows cushion, which features a two-tube design. The two tubes are on independent swivel elbows that can each independently rotate to provide freedom of movement.

A standard CPAP hose from the CPAP machine can either be placed above the head or down over the chest depending on the patient’s preference. This design enables patients with different sleeping preferences to find their optimal sleeping positions without feeling entangled in the mask apparatus.

As the system has no hard plastic components, patients will not have to worry about being disturbed by hard or bulky objects coming in contact with the face. Thoughtfully designed, this mask considers small details that affect the patient’s comfort.  After all, the goal of CPAP therapy is to get restful sleep, and feeling comfortable is vital to achieving this goal.

The mask system is held in place with the included butterfly headgear. The simple design of the headgear is comprised of two straps that fit over the crown and at the back of the head. The headgear attaches to the mask on butterfly flanges and can easily be removed with one hand.   

Patients who are receiving CPAP therapy are often concerned about the noise of the CPAP system as well as the possibility of disturbing their bed partners with the exhaled air. The exhalation port is located below the bellows cushion and directs air quietly in a downward direction, away from bed partners. Patients can feel assured that their sleep therapy does not disturb their bed partner.

The Snapp 2.0 Nasal Prong Mask is a great solution for patients who are looking for an alternative to bulkier nasal masks.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Violette Wayne
    This mask is nice and quiet. Something I really appreciate. For me nasal prongs is the way to go.
  • Author: Rhea C
    I was a bit skeptical about using a nasal prong mask, being used to a full face mask for many years. But I got tired of the red marks it left all over my face. So I bought this mask on Patient Sleep Supplies. Itís surprisingly comfortable, and the straps fit me fine. Itís also easy to use. I donít fiddle with the headgear and straps and straps and whatnot anymore. Best of all, I donít wake up with red dents on my face anymore. Iím satisfied with this product.
  • Author: Chris Mickelsen
    What if I don't like it.
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