The RespiKit is a liquid solution cleaning system best used for weekly equipment maintenance.

  • Applicable for cleaning and soaking CPAP masks and accessories, cannulas, nebulizer-tubing parts, and other respiratory equipment
  • Recommended by physicians and respiratory therapists
  • The kit contains one of the following:
    • 8-oz bottle of RespiClean
    • 1-oz bottle of RespiClean
    • 16-oz bottle of RespiSoak
    • Measuring cup
    • Soaking container with lid
    • Instruction sheet
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MSRP: $39.95
Our price: $29.95

Product Description

RespiKit by MVAP Medical Supplies is a complete cleaning kit that contains the basic liquid cleaning solutions you need to clean and disinfect your CPAP equipment. If you are undergoing respiratory therapy, you should never be without RespiKit.

The RespiKit includes two spray bottles (8 oz and 1 oz) of RespiClean, an effective CPAP equipment cleaner and deodorizer. The 1-oz bottle is handy when you are out on the road and don’t want to bring along large bottles of cleaner just to clean your equipment.

The kit also comes with a 16-oz bottle of RespiSoak. A trusted cleaning solution, RespiSoak is perfect for deep cleaning your equipment. Using 4 oz of RespiSoak per soaking regimen will give you enough cleaning solution for a month.

Other items included in the kit are a soaking container with lid, a measuring cup, and a set of instructions that will help you properly use your kit.

For effective and bacteria-free maintenance, use the soaking container with lid. Soaking your equipment in the sink is risky because bacteria may contaminate your equipment. With the RespiKit soaking container, which is specially designed for respiratory equipment cleaning, you lessen the risk of exposing your accessories to harmful pathogens and bacteria.

Following the correct cleaning procedure from the instruction sheet and accurately measuring the cleaning solutions with the measuring cup will allow you to get the most out of your cleaning kit.

Daily exposure to moisture makes your equipment a breeding place for germs that can cause respiratory infections and diseases. Sticking to a recommended cleaning routine and using an effective cleaning solution like the RespiKit will certainly help extend the life of your equipment and keep you safe from disease-causing bacteria.

Don’t risk getting sick. Regularly clean and disinfect your respiratory equipment with RespiKit—your complete kit of safe and cost effective CPAP cleaning supplies.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jonathan Lucas
    This kit is great for cleaning all of my CPAP equipment. I use the spray every morning and wipe down my mask. Once I week I give everything a good soak, the mask and the hose. Everything comes out smelling really nice. Easy to use.
  • Author: M. Canlas
    Convenience is what makes this cleaning kit a good buy for me. Everything you need to clean your CPAP/oxygen mask, tubes, cannulas, etc. is in this kit. Spray, soaking solution, tub, instructions… what more can you ask for? The liquids smell nice so cleaning and soaking your equipment aren’t bothersome tasks.
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