Nozguard by Strapparatus Inc. is a pad placed over the nose to help reduce pressure on the face while using a CPAP mask.

  • Reduces air leaks during CPAP therapy
  • Helps reduce skin breakdown
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Disposable
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in packs of 10
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Product Description

The Nozguard by Strapparatus Inc. is a nose pad that is used to relieve pressure that may occur from tight-fitting CPAP masks. It is commonly placed on the nose or the bridge of the nose to prevent abrasions that may result from prolonged use of CPAP masks.

  • Available in the following sizes and colors:
    • 3-4mm, Medium - Large, Tan
    • 3-4mm, Small, Tan
    • 2-3mm, small, White
    • 3-4mm, Small, White
    • 2-3mm, Medium - Large, White
    • 3-4mm, Medium - Large, White

Nose guards are a great CPAP accessory because they eliminate the discomforts that can come with wearing a CPAP mask for long durations. Made from medical-grade foam, these comfort pads work equally well for both nasal and oro-nasal masks and serve as a protective barrier against skin irritation, red marks, sores, and swelling. They are also made of hypoallergenic materials, making them ideal for those with allergies and skin sensitivities.

Shaped as a simple circular adhesive, it fits perfectly along the contours of the nose and stays in place even while you change sleeping positions. You can choose to place it either on top of your nose, so that it only has partial contact with your face, or seat the pad on top of your nose bridge to achieve complete adhesion.

These nose pads can be purchased in several sizes and colors. The sizes range from small (2-3mm) to medium-large (3-4mm), giving you options to ensure a perfect fit. You may also choose from two different colors: tan or white.

With all the many benefits Nozguard can give, it truly is a practical addition to your CPAP system.

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  • Author: Farrah Sinclair
    I would get the worst bruising on the bridge of my nose from wearing my CPAP mask. I had to keep it that tight so that I could the mask from leaking but in the morning it looked like I was beaten. These has helped a lot!
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