Foam Wedge with Quilted Cover

Foam Wedge with Quilted Cover

The Foam Wedge with Quilted Cover is a triangle-shaped pillow designed for extra back and neck support. 

  • Measures 32” x 26” x 5” x ½”
  • Perfect for pregnant women
  • Comes with a quilt cover for overall comfort
  • Removable and machine washable quilt cover
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Item Code FW4060
MSRP: $49.95
Our price: $46.95

Product Description

The Foam Wedge with Quilted Cover by Hermell products is designed to better align your body while sleeping.  The wedge gives sleepers five inches of height at the top of the wedge. The wedge can be used while sitting up in bed or lying down to ensure that your spine is properly positioned even while reading or watching television.

Many mattresses often do not provide proper back support. When mattresses age, they tend to sag in the middle, causing a sleeper’s spine to align poorly.  The result of this may be aches and pains in the morning or a general feeling of not being properly rested.  The foam wedge helps mitigate these problems by providing lift and extra back support.

Pregnant women can benefit from this specialty pillow, as they may have misaligned spines from the extra weight of the baby they are carrying. The wedge provides both support and relief from strain, allowing soon-to-be mothers proper rest while sitting or lying down.

You may even use this wedge as a sleep aid for those days when you might need to practice positional sleep therapy. 

This specialty pillow can also be used to prop up your feet and promote blood circulation to your lower extremities.  The extra little bit of elevation for tired feet can feel especially comforting after a long day.

This foam wedge also includes a quilted cover to provide more comfort. It is conveniently removable and machine washable.

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