CPAP Moisture Therapy™

CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream by LouSal Enterprises is a topical skin moisturizer that contains no petroleum products,

  • Contains Aloe Vera and Emu Oil with Vitamins A and E
  • Gluten-free
  • Reduces skin dryness and chafing
  • Maintains the softness of skin
  • Comes in 1 oz. tubes.
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Product Description

CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream is a skin moisturizer formulated specifically for CPAP therapy patients. 

This product is ideal for those patients that experience dry skin and chafing that may come from daily CPAP therapy. Application of the cream significantly helps reduce discomforts in the facial area and helps promote and maintain skin softness with long-term use.

This CPAP moisturizer is made of a unique blend of emollients that contain Aloe Vera, which soothes the face and leaves you with a clean feeling, as well as Emu Oil and Vitamins A and E for more supple skin. Free of petroleum, this moisturizer causes no damage to your CPAP mask and accessories.

To use, simply apply the cream to the area that comes into contact with your CPAP gear before wearing your mask. You may also apply it to other areas of your face or ears that may be prone to skin irritation or chafing. You may use the cream as often as necessary to maintain healthy skin and reduce dryness and cracking skin.

Because of the increased comfort this moisturizer provides, using the CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream helps improve compliance with your CPAP treatment, allowing you to reap more benefit from your therapy. Apply it daily to get the most out of your therapy!

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: P. Andrews
    When my doctor told me I must not use creams with my CPAP therapy, I was deeply disappointed since I had always relied on them as part of my nightly skin-care routine. Good thing I found this product online. My doctor gave a go signal after seeing it was CPAP-specific, and I’ve since enjoyed the familiar comfort of having a moisturizer take care of my skin before bed.
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